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In the shopping center behind Burger King on Gunpark Dr. in Boulder, CO

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This is the first time I’ve actually enjoyed going to an eye doctor! Everyone is incredibly professional and friendly. If you are looking for a great place, this is it!

- K.M.


Wanted to follow up- K. refused to wear the glasses that first week, but literally after the lights went down at the Buell that Saturday evening, he nudged me and asked for them. He commented how much better he could see things.Took another week, but then he asked to bring them to school and has been wearing them in class everyday (except yesterday when he forgot them at home). He has walked out of the house wearing them to go to shows/movies and such. So, he finally made it over his anxiety and wearing them.Thanks for all of your patience!

- S.G.H.


Just got new glasses, I can see clearly now……thanks to everyone! Awesome, friendly place!

- L.W.


Such nice people, great with kids, and good prices. We definitely found our family eye doctor.

- J.H.


A CHARMING OPTOMETRY SHOP – Gunbarrel Optometry is a charming optometry shop with a friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommended. I made an appointment for a routine exam and red eye that wasn’t going away on its own. Making an appointment was easy. Nikki was polite and fast when I told her I was a new patient and needed to schedule an appointment, I was able to get one one for the next day.The current doctor there is Phil Wren and he was nice and personable. He has been practicing for a long time so he is full of great insight and honest advice. Dr. Wren listened when I told him about what had been happening with my eye and was easy to talk to. He stays up-to-date with optometry industry trends so I knew I could trust his diagnosis. As I was leaving the optician, Blai, said a friendly goodbye. The entire experience was positive and simple with taking very little time.If you need a new optometrist or are new to the area Gunbarrel Optometry has you covered.

- M.F.